Monday, February 18, 2013

Packing Vintage

When packing for reenactorfest a few weekends ago I filled up most of my suitcase with my 16th century stuff, then covered that with my dirndl, the medieval medical tools, and stuffed my Mrs. Shapiro clothes around the edges. I really wanted one more outfit…

I have a fear, not unfounded, that we’ll fly out to Chicago but my luggage won’t make it and I’ll be stuck with no historical clothing. So I always try to stick a little something in my carry-on. This year I was bringing a leather satchel instead of my normal purse since it fit with my 1919 stuff, but it is not large enough to carry an entire outfit.

So I packed a separate carry-on: a little wicker suitcase that I’d picked up at a medieval market (of all places!) that turned out to be the perfect size for my 1940s stuff. It held my little linen pajamas that I think of as my vintage PJs; my undies, slips, and shoes (with the socks rolled up in them) went on the bottom layer, then the dress I found at LL Bean that was pretty darn close to 1940s style, plus a sweater and knitted snood. I tucked my photos of Stephen is his uniform into the lid of the case, and closed it up!

I felt very pretty good walking through the airport on my way out, but even better on the way back when I was actually wearing the outfit, so I had my red and white spectators, my little dress, I even got to keep my hair up going through security.

I really enjoy it when I am not just wearing the clothes, but have all the right accessories and daily items too. I try to match my storage devices to the time periods they contain, and the little wicker suitcase felt just right for early 20th Century.

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