Friday, February 8, 2013

All The Links

I did my first solo presentation at Military History Fest (aka Reenactorfest) this year. Called "Beyond the Dress Diary: A Lady’s Guide to Social Media" I figured I'm qualified to give this talk because I spend so much time using social media to connect with others doing Living History, and I've never seen an option quite like that on the MHF/RF program. Since a program on social media must include links, and a paper handout of links seems very silly (paper and links??) I'm putting them up here. That way the folks leaving my talk only had to remember one link, my blog.

For the rest of my readers, you might find the links interesting too. I did not have notes for my talk since the whole thing was based on the screen shots I had taken, so this post may not be that interesting to read. And this is by no means an extensive list, more a couple of illustrations of the sort of thing out there in the world. I hope someone finds it enjoyable.


 • The Dress Diary

• The Sew-Along
  - The Clover Sew-Along

• Crazy Costume ladies = crazy cat ladies
    - Nekkulakko
    - Rococo Atelier

• European Bloggers

• Event Recaps
  - Reenactor Post
   - Kitty Calash

• Museums (and food blogs)

• Other various types of history blogs
  - Authors 
  - Vintage 

• Folks who attend Military History Fest

• Online businesses
   - Accessories 
   - Etsy 

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