Saturday, April 21, 2012

Duct Tape and Toilet Paper

Over the past few years the items I bring with me to historical events have gotten more and more period appropriate. I'm leaving more and more of my modern things behind. Still, there are a few items I have not weaned myself from, a few I would not want to, and a few suggestions by my friends that I think are quite good.

Here is the list of things I have not figured out how to do without:
Prescription Meds - definitely not going to stop taking those. In my case this includes contact lenses.
1st aid kit - we keep a trauma kit around so we will hopefully never have to use it. We also have a medieval surgery kit and plenty of herbal remedies, but I'm going to stick to modern stuff for now.
Tissues - Yes I use cloth napkins and handkerchiefs in camp, but at night Stephen and I combined use about a third of a box of tissues, I'd rather not wake up surrounded by used handkerchiefs.
Wallet - we are in a modern age, so I do keep an ID and some cash with my cell phone in a nifty little case that resembles an old book.
Business cards, Brochures - Since most of what we do is educate the public, and because we are always looking for new recruits, we always have our contact info close to hand.
Trash bags - we have not yet been able to convince an event site to let us dig a trash pit.
Fire extinguisher - we'd rather keep a bucket of water and one of sand close at hand and leave the extinguisher at home, but then it would be hard to get insurance coverage.
Toilet paper - Since moss and straw are hard on modern plumbing, but outdoor events are never guaranteed to have enough tp, I always have a back-up supply.
Squire kit - when I was caring for armored knights who spent their time beating each other I had a quick kit to solve almost any problem. It consisted of duct tape, zip ties and a Leatherman or Gerber brand multi-tool. That kit still comes with me today.

When I asked other folks for their list of modern items they can not do without, here is what I got:
Donna always brings gum with her and Cole is never without a few granola bars.
Elizabeth can't go without her chopstick.
Nora always has her leatherman and bug spray. I'd add sunscreen to that list.
Chole's daughter needs her iPod to sleep in camp and Stephanie needs a book and flashlight for her bed-time.
Denise usually has a watch hidden on her because so many events are time sensitive, even if historically they would not have been quite so strict.
Dan reminds us not to forget our car keys, and that a camera can not be beat.

What is on your list?

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  1. If I made a list, I think it'd have many of the same items as yours (no Squire kit, though). Not sure I would've thought of a fire extinguisher, though. Smart! And I'd certainly add the sunscreen, watch, camera, keys, and a flashlight. I guess the one thing that I'd add: a pen or two (working, natch!) and/or a pencil (one that's historically-accurate perhaps?). There seems to always be something that I need to write down!