Thursday, April 5, 2012

American Textile Museum

In March I spent some time volunteering a few days a week at the American Textile History Museum (which is not the Boott Mill, or the New England Quilt Museum) I was working in their fund raising database because they needed some clean-up done and I wanted experience working with Raiser’s Edge. I was only at it for about a month when I got a full time temp job, but my time there was well worth it.

I got to explore a very cool museum. Textiles play a huge part in our lives, and a massive role in our history. I got the chance to chill out in the exhibits after working for a couple of hours and got to study the dresses, the sample books, and all the cool items on display. I got to go behind the scenes and get a tour of the research library, and see some brand new dresses just acquired (19teens are all the rage!)

I also got to help out an institution that I enjoy. They’ve been through some rough times, some mismanagement and the recession. They are much smaller than during the boom years, and could use all the help they can get. I can not contribute money, especially when I am not making any, but my time was valuable to them.

I almost hope that I will get the chance to go back and help them out some more, maybe if I win the lottery...


  1. Lucky! I applied to intern for an upcoming wedding dress exhibition, but because I don't live anywhere in the area I couldn't go unless they could come up with some way for me to be paid, and unfortunately it couldn't happen.

  2. It is true they do not have any money to spare. I feel lucky I live so close and recommend that everyone take advantage of the museums that are close to home.