Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 - Or at least the beginning of it

I seem to have lost my Thanksgiving post. I'll hopefully find it soon, and put it up before the end of this month. That is not too late, right?

I also have some more thoughts on the Candlelight Stroll program I would like to share. Plus my thoughts on the historical sites visited over Christmas, that should not be too much to get done soon, hopefully.

What I do have to share at the moment is my historical schedule for the next few months. These next few months used to be the quiet months where we'd jump on almost any excuse to get in garb and out of the house. Now I think our schedule is full:

Jan 10: 12th Night Ball in Sudbury, MA
Jan 25: Market Day at Birka in Nashua, NH
Jan 31 - Feb 2: Military History Fest in Chicago, IL
Feb 8: New England Reenactor's Fair in Sturbridge, MA
Feb 22 - 23: First-Person Interpreters Conference in Williamsburg, VA
March is empty right now, but...
April 11 - 13: Early Modern Muster of Arms in Fort Wayne, IN
April 25 - 26: Plymouth State Medieval Forum, Plymouth, NH

Late spring, early summer is being left relatively empty, but I'm sure it will fill up fast!

That is just the stuff outside of the museum. I think that is plenty for now, but if anyone knows of something going on in March, let me know!


  1. I know of two conferences in March. Both are a distance away, though. One deals solely with the 18th Century, the other has more to do with behind the scenes. Oh, and for the latter, you have to be a member of the organization (which, I think, you are?) and interested in going outside your geographic area/region. Anyway...I'm speaking of the Millinery Conference at Colonial Williamsburg, March 16-20, and ALHFAM's Mid-Atlantic regional conference, which is to be near Philly, PA, March 28 & 29. What fun!

    1. Both of those conferences sound lovely! I'll have to see if I have anything left in my travel budget.

  2. Will you be presenting at MHF this year? (Please say yes!) We went to a few of your workshops two years ago and thoroughly enjoyed them.

    1. Hi Christina, Yes, I will be presenting two seminars along with the Autumn Tree Productions crew: I'm heading up one called "Get Real" and we'll also be presenting one on "Reenacting with Children".