Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What should I wear to Reenactorfest?

I have so many choices I can't decide on my own! I will be at Reenactorfest for 3 days, plus there is the Ball on Saturday night, so I am planning on bringing four different outfits. I'll outline the choices, then there is a poll at the bottom. I'm going to start packing soon, but I'd love your help, you can vote for up to 4, since I'll have 4 chances to change.

Here are my choices, in (basic) chronological order:

12th Century, Rose
Since Rose is a basic woman, my 12th Century stuff is fairly basic, but hand stitched and easy to pack!

16th Century, Hanne
I've worn Landsknecht every year since reenactorfest began, it is kind of what we're known for, but my pink outfit is showing its age and I don't have time to make a new one.

18th Century, Mary Fraser
I've added a new cap and mitts since last year, and this one has all the proper underwear, but there will be a lot of folks in RevWar...

Early 19th Century, Regency 
This one is new! I don't have a persona for this one yet, but I'm almost finished, and it is new!

19th Century, Lizzie Sullivan
I've been wearing this one since almost the beginning too. It might be time to put it away for a year.

 1919, Mrs. Shapiro
It took me until the end of the season but I've got almost an entire outfit made up for Mrs. Shapiro. She is my most developed of the new personas, I'd like to show her off to the folks outside of the museum.

1920s, Bathing Costume
I made this up last year and  only wore it for about an hour. It is a knit cotton, far from perfect, but still a lot of fun. It is cold for February, but I have not found another opportunity to wear it!

1940s, Travel Suit
The last few years I've worn a 1940s ensemble on Sunday because we have to check out of our hotel rooms, and fly home. I can feel at home in the con and at the airport in a 1940s suit, and this year I have a new one, plus a lovely pair of spectators that my mother found at a thrift store.

What Should Alena Wear to Reenactorfest?

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  1. Wow, I'm so happy to see so many people voting! I guess I'll have to hurry up and finish the regency outfit! Thanks everyone for chiming in.