Tuesday, May 22, 2012

hiding my gadgets

Though I play in history, I am also a bit of a techno-geek. I like my modern toys. At historical events I used to try to hide a camera and a novel in among my historical stuff, now I just need to hide my smart phone. At the muse, we are given tons of papers, I try to keep as many of them electronically as possible, but that also leads to needing the phone or my iPad.

Luckily there are other folks out there looking to hide their new-fangled toys, Twelve South http://twelvesouth.com/products/bookbook/ makes book-like covers for both the iPhone and iPad. The covers do not completely obscure the technology, the iPhone cover has holes along the top and bottom edges for plugs etc. and the iPad cover has a zipper, still, I have fooled more than one person who ask what is the nice looking book I have tucked under my arm, or that I am holding up to my face. I feel fairly secure with my devices in their nice leather covers in historical settings, and enjoy being able to unobtrusively tote around my techno-toys.

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  1. This is such a good idea! I'm always looking for something like this for eventing. I'm in the SCA, West Kingdom (in California). I'm going to tell everyone about this!