Friday, August 26, 2011

Hanne's Bibliography

As an American reenacting with a group doing 16th Century Central European history, we do not have a lot of good written resources, and what we do have has taken me quite a while to track down. So others do not have to search as hard as I have, and so I do not have to repeat myself quite as often I am adding a new bibliography here. I hope to put up book reviews too. Those of you who read my blog but reenact other time periods, I hope you’ll bear with me through these posts, I promise to keep writing on as many different time periods as I reenact, and  on Living History in general.

Hanne von Reischach, a Bibliography
I'm including books and articles that I have read in my quest to make the character I portray as part of Das Geld Fahnlein, Hanne von Reischach, as full a person as possible. I hope the list will be helpful for other folks who want to know more about life in 16th Century Germany, the Landsknecht, camp followers, the Reformation, and the Renaissance mindset.


  1. This is a fabulous idea. I'm going to add some of these to my book wishlist.

  2. Btw, do you know whether "Medieval Germany: An Encyclopedia" edited by John M Jeep is worth going to the effort to view? There is a copy at a library about 45 minutes away, but I don't want to make the trip if it's next to worthless.

  3. When I was taking some classes at Tufts I took a quick look through it, and I don't remember! It is so embarrassing, I remember that it was huge and no one could check it out of the library, but I don't remember actually flipping through it. Sorry I can not be more help!