Sunday, March 21, 2010

Haute History

I admit, I do not regularly check a lot of museum websites. I travel there every once in a while, especially if the museum has come up in a blog post or in conversation. So sometimes (actually quite frequently) I miss out on exciting things that museums are doing.

One thing I recently missed (I found out about it days after the project’s completion) was a really cool embroidery project at Plimoth Plantation. The Boston Globe has a good story here, the museum has a blog from the project, but of course now that the project is over it is a little tough to just browse and figure out what went on.

Just recently I came across this article published back in 2006 but I’d never seen it before. It is a photo article in Colonial Williamsburg's magazine of models in beautiful colonial clothing, but photographed in modern model-y poses. I love the way you can get up-close and personal with the photographs that are part of the slideshow, and the modern poses add another dimension entirely. It behooves us living historians not to forget that the time we portray and the time we are living are intertwined.

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